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Stop the Pigeon - 6 october 2012

Game info

Game name: Stop the pigeon
Author: routine

Game Objectives:
• Click on the pigeon to increase level difficulty and score points
• Score as many points as possible

Game Options:
• Press < F1 > for displaying the game instructions
• Press < ESC > to close the help message and/or to end the game.

The game is © 2012
The game is created by using YoYoGames GameMaker Version 7.0 Lite

Some contents are copyright to the respective owner(s):
• Sprites retrieved from
• Background sound retrieved from

Want to view or play this game? it is downloadable here.
If you would like to assist with development, testing or are just interested and would like to leave a message,
you can send a message to < routine (at) projectroutine (dot) nl >